Stay Strong

I'm 17 years old & live in Belgium. I'm a girl who suffers from an eating disorder (anorexia), depression, self harm & PTSD (I DON'T encourage this) ~ Tumblr is something where I can express my feelings ! ~ If you wanna talk 2 me about something you can send me a message to I will always be there 4 you. ~BTW I'm a true #Lovatic, Demi Lovato is so inspiring ~ remember believe in yourself & most of all STAY STRONG ! ~loads of love !

Is anybody there? Does anybody care, What I’m feeling? I wanna disappear. So nobody can hear me when I’m screamin’. 'Cause I could use a hand sometimes. They say pain is an illusion. This is just a bruise and you are just confused, But I am only human.

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